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Welcome to Forever Beautiful  with locations in Georgia, North Carolina and North Dakota. Owner and Instructor Janice T. Eyerly has years of beauty industry and permanent cosmetic makeup experience which has benefited Forever Beautiful students with professional and quality permanent cosmetic makeup training and application.


You can add Permanent Cosmetics to your current range of beauty treatments if you are a beautician, salon on clinic owner which will dramatically increase your profits or if you can have the flexibility to fit your hours around your family or current job.


All our training is done on a one to one basis so we advance at a speed to suit your individual needs, you do not have to compete with anyone else in class! This means you are more relaxed and learn better.


What people want today is natural, subtle, barely there make up that enhances how they look. They want to wake up and look good from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed without the need to apply make up. This ensures that clients do not want just one area such as eyebrows done, they want their whole face done from brows, to eyeliner, to lips. But they want it done well!


"Our aspirations are our possibilities."

Robert Browning

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